Unit 1 Preparation for A Job Interview 面试前的准备

Writing:a job application(assignment)

1、Please write a cover letter and with the sample showed in the course video.

Unit 2 Job Interview Skills 决胜面试的技巧

Presentation: A self introduction( assignment)

1、Please make a self introduction by using the skills we have learnt.

Unit 3 Job Interview Etiquette 面试必备礼仪

Writing:Dress code in a job interview( assignment)

1、Write a passage about how to dress properly in workplace with at least 80 words.(You can list some dress code for you hairstyle, clothes,shoes,ornaments,make up and so on)

Final Exam

final exam

1、Which one is not the standard recommendations for job interview clothes?
    A、be neat and tidy
    B、be smart and relatively conservative
    C、understated is more appropriate than flashy clothing
    D、be fashionable

2、Which is the standard for professional work wear for women?
    A、a business suit
    B、too-short and too-tight skirts
    D、too high heels

3、Which is the standard for professional work wear for men?
    A、leather shoes
    C、athletic shoes
    D、colorful shirts

4、How long is the appropriate time for eye contact with the interviewer?
    A、about 20 seconds.
    B、about 30 seconds.
    C、about 10 seconds.
    D、about 5 seconds.

5、Mind your Body Language in Your Next Job Interview. Which one is not right?
    A、Too relaxed!
    B、Don’t Lose Eye Contact.
    C、Place both feet flat on the floor.
    D、Avoid displaying too much emotion.

6、What to do while you wait for your interview?
    A、Turn off all electronics.
    B、Greet the receptionist
    C、Greet the interviewer
    D、Sit properly

7、How to sit in your interview?
    A、Tilting your head very slightly to one side.
    B、Relax and lean slightly forward.
    C、Lean back.
    D、Lean to the side.

8、Which is the appropriate conversation etiquette?
    A、Do as an active listener.
    B、Grasp the focus of conversation quickly.
    C、Think carefully and respond quickly.
    D、Speak in a clear and controlled voice which conveys confidence.

9、What should be included in your self-introduction?
    A、age or date of birth
    B、educational background
    C、training or educational subjects
    D、work experience

10、What are the tips for a Good Interview?
    A、Do your research.
    B、Know where your interview will be held.
    C、Do arrive early.
    D、Do bring extra resumes.

11、Interview dress mistakes include wearing comedy ties, badly ironed shirts and not shaving.

12、If you are unsure of what to do with your hands, rest them loosely clasped on the table in front of you.

13、Smile and nod at appropriate times and overdo it.

14、Generally it is advisable not to show too much or too strong emotion during your job interview.

15、A thank you note is one of the most important things you can do.