Unit One What You Need to Know Before Making a Presentation

Homework of Week 4

1、1. What are the two types of presentations that are often adopted in the academic context? What are their features?

2、Please list four tips for improving note-taking skills during the lecture

3、1. Watch the video clip (Justice) in video 6.1( 6m:18s - 8m:36s) and then take notes by using one of the three methods of note-taking. Take the notes on your notebook and upload the pictures.

Unit Seven Seminar

Homework of Week 7

1、What are the essential factors in a presentation?

2、Watch the video clip Delivering a Seminar in video 7.2-1. Based on your previous semester’s paper, please construct your presentation outline according to the following table. Topic or argument:_____________________ Points: 1.__________________________- 2. __________________________ 3. __________________________ My comment: ________________________ Theoretical principle: ___________________ Conclusion: ____________________________

Unit Eight International Conference

Homework of Week 9

1、Write a conference notice in your field based on the basic elements of a conference notice. You may follow the sample provided here. Basic elements of a conference notice: -Theme, aim and background -Sponsors and organizers -Time and place -Topics of interest -Conference agenda -Participants invited -Registration -Contact information Sample: CONFETENCE NOTICE International Conference on School Development Planning The Gansu Provincial Education Department, in cooperation with the British Government Department for International Development (DFID), will sponsor a one-day workshop on School Development Planning. The workshop is to be held on Friday, Sept, 24,2004 from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. at the Academic Conference Center at Lanzhou University. The workshop will focus on only one key topic: -School Development Planning(SDP) experience in China and worldwide Administrators from all colleges and universities in China are encouraged to participate. Faculty and staff with strong interests in developing research enterprises at their institutions are also invited to attend. REGISTRATION IS FREE BUT SPACE IS LIMITED—Please go to www.sdpch.org/outreach/workshop to access the tentative agenda and to register. Questions regarding the conference and registration should be directed to Ms. Hilary Wang, hilary@adp.org, or by telephoning (0931) 8476-6960 (posted 9/12/04)

2、Please list three main types of invitation letter.

Unit Three Preparing (Content)

3.1 How to Start a Presentation?随堂测验

1、In a typical academic presentation introduction, a speaker needs to accomplish the following tasks: Use different ways to capture audience’s ________. Remember the grabber always has to be relevant to the topic.

2、Introduce himself/herself and demonstrate how he/she is qualified for the presentation to establish ________.

3、Have audience understand why he/she is here speaking by stating what he/she expects as an ________.

4、Let audience know why it’s worth their time listening to him/her by ________ the topic to them.

5、Offer a brief ________ by previewing the main points.

6、Finally tell the audience whether they may ask questions during the presentation or do that in the Q&A ________ at the end of the presentation.

Unit Two Planning

Homework of Week 11

1、What are the four strategies for presentations? Please further explain them!

2、How to grab audience's attention in making a presentation?

Unit Four Preparing (Visual Aids)

4.2 Visual Aids in Academic Presentations随堂测验

1、Text slides give the audience a clearer view about the key points than bullet points.

2、Titles are optional for tables.

3、________ is used to describe your graph.

4、________ tells the types of data displayed.

5、________ shows units of measurement.

6、________ identifies what symbols stand for in a graph.

Homework of Week 12

1、What are the 3 steps in converting your boring bullet point slides into an effective PowerPoint diagram?

2、According to the lecture, what is the best visual aid form to illustrate the following topics? 1) To show the route of the circulation of blood through the body. 2) To give the definitions of two academic terms. 3) To show the major professions students take interest in. 4) To compare one year of average monthly temperatures of different cities.

3、What are the 3 rules of eye contacts in presentations?

Unit Nine From Paper to Presentation

Homework of Week 15

1、What is a basic structure of a research paper? What can readers expect from each main part?

2、What is the presentation structure? What should we do in each part?