Unit 1 Men and Women's Prejudices

1.1 Lead-in随堂测验

1、Which 1970 law passed in the United Kingdom made it illegal to pay people of different sexes differently for the same job?
    A、The Equal Gender Law
    B、The Equal Gender Act
    C、The Equal Pay Bill
    D、The Equal Pay Act

2、Why must businesses work hard to broaden their appeal?
    A、It will be increasingly difficult to attract investment.
    B、It will be increasingly difficult to attract the best talent.
    C、It will be increasingly difficult to achieve gender equality.
    D、It will be increasingly difficult to succeed in such a competitive environment.

3、According to the Government Equalities Office (GEO), what can be done by companies to address their gender pay gaps?
    A、Have multiple women in shortlists for recruitment and promotions.
    B、Have all men and women in shortlists for recruitment and promotions.
    C、Report their gender pay gaps to the GEO.
    D、Hire more women.

1.2 Unit Overview随堂测验

1、According to the video, fathers are not important in a family.

2、The writer of the Unsung Heroes doesn’t like the movie Toy Story.

3、Working mothers are highly recognized by media.

4、The role of man are changing owing to the collapse of the sexual division of labor.

Unit 1 Quiz 1: Language Focus

1、Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Each word may be used only once. Taxes are a(n) __________ which may fall on everybody.

2、We ________ the authority's decision not to close the hospital.

3、The doctor's instructions must be _________ exactly; the sick man’s life depends on it.

4、Do these opinion polls really _______ what people are thinking?

5、I prefer to think of memorization as a stepping-stone to _________ in use of words and phrases.

6、In her office memos she tended to _________ the work done by her staff.

7、The history of railroad transport has partly been a history of __________ for greater efficiency and profit.

8、He took on the new post without having the faintest idea of what it __________ .

9、He is one _________ of the greatest experts in that field.

10、Absolute secrecy is essential. _________ , the fewer who are aware of the project the better.

Unit 1 Quiz 2: Reading Comprehension

1、Choose the best answer to each question with information from the passage <A Manifesto for men> In the author's opinion, men are not sure of what they actually want because ___________.
    A、women are getting in men’s way in their life and work
    B、there is no equality for men in the family
    C、the world today is controlled mainly by women
    D、this is the men's world and they take their social status for granted

2、By saying “we subcontracted our physical, emotional, and practical needs to women” (para.3), the author implies that________________ .
    A、women are too dominant in family life
    B、men are very dependent on women to look after them
    C、men are too busy with work to cater for their own needs
    D、men prefer to do public work rather than domestic labour

3、According to the passage, the author is likely to agree that____________.
    A、men's devotion to work does not necessarily mean a sense of accomplishment
    B、men should be valued primarily by their success at work
    C、men should spare no efforts to be successful at work
    D、men should do as much work as they can to maintain their status

4、The tone of the passage is_________.

5、The author's purpose in writing this article is to__________ .
    A、criticize women's liberation movement
    B、persuade men to give up their career
    C、argue for a movement for male equality
    D、call on men to take actions to control the world

Unit 1 Quiz 3: Summary and Cloze (Passage A)

1、Fill in each of the blanks with an appropriate word. Nowadays there is a media trend toward diminishing the importance of fathers in the United States. On the one hand, we have easy access to 1) stories about the struggles of working mothers. On the other, the 2) of fathers presented in the media are always 3) or irresponsible. Fathers are usually blamed for not helping much with the housework. Compared with working mothers and at-home dads, working fathers have received less media attention, although most are quietly yet proudly 4) their family duties. Our society has given little cultural 5) to those breadwinner fathers. Recently, there is another media trend of regarding at-home wives as “6) symbols” — a luxury not many men can afford to have. In fact, men as sole wage earners suffer many 7) . They have to work extra hours to make more money to support their families. It would be wise for us to be 8) of the importance of fathers to their children. It would also be advisable for us to recognize the great efforts that fathers make to support their families. They, the unsung heroes, 9) our recognition and our thanks for what they do. 1)









Unit 1 Quiz 4: Summary and Cloze (Passage B)

1、Fill in the blanks with information from the passage B <A Manifesto for Men>. As a manifesto for men, this article urges men to support a movement for male equality. To start with, the notion of being a man needs to be 1)_______ , because the stereotyped notions seem to have confined men to a limited 2)_______ of activity and have placed too heavy a burden on men. Secondly, men’s devotion to work does not necessarily mean a sense of 3)_______ . Thirdly, in view of women's predominant status in all social activities, men should not consider themselves as the 4)_______ of women. Fourthly, men are not just breadwinners or 5)_______ for children, instead, they can also be close to children both physically and 6)_______ . Fifthly, the starting point for men's 7)_______ is at home. Men should take the 8)_______ in trying to manage every aspect of the domestic life. Finally, men should not feel conceited about their 9)_______ and power over women. It will be beneficial for men to 10)_______ their stereotyped roles. 1)_______










Unit 2 Culture

2.1 Lead-in随堂测验

1、According to the article, what accusations have marred the development of this upcoming CBBC sitcom?
    A、Accusations of racism toward British East Asians.
    B、Accusations of gender inequality.
    C、Accusations of not paying their staff.
    D、Accusations of not hiring more writers.

2、British East Asian writers were told they were too ________ to be involved in the show.

3、British East Asians want to see a show that is
    A、Truly modern in its representation of British East Asian family life.
    B、Truly progressive in its representation of British East Asian family life.
    C、Truly accurate in its representation of British East Asian family life.
    D、Truly humanizing in its representation of British East Asian family life.

2.3 Passage A: One Question You Should Ask About Every Job随堂测验

1、According to the passage, when one is seeking for a job, what question will he ask about the job?
    A、The salary
    B、The roles and position
    C、The opportunity for advancement
    D、The workplace culture such as values,norms and attitudes toward employee

2、Find and write down the words or expressions in Passage A, which accord with the statements below. For example: Statement: The researchers found that people might have a prejudiced tendency of their own corporate culture which they regarded as having distinctive characteristics from others. However, this is not the fact because there are many common fundamental parts of culture. (Para. 3) (Para. 3 means you can find the answer in paragraph 3 of Passage A) Answer: an organizational uniqueness bias The job hunters focus on considering the important questions about culture. (Para. 4 )

3、In order to show that he is superior to others in status, the senior manager doesn’t allow others to use his parking spot even when he is out for holiday. (Para. 5 )

4、Did Steven Jobs feel so self-absorbed that he thought he had a right to enjoy some special treatment in the company? (Para. 5 )

5、Jim Ziemer began his work in Harley-Davidson as an operator for a freight lift, but finally rose to the top position as CEO and moved into the best office of the company. (Para. 6 )

6、Can I have control of my careers future and grow up to be sb. in the organization? (Para. 9)

7、They refer to how people talk, look, and act in a particular community. They can reflect people’s communication style, work mode, office setup and rules of the organization. (Para. 10 )

2.4 Passage A: Language Support随堂测验

1、1. How do you feel after reading the stories of Horatio Alger and Jim Ziemer as an employee?

2、Which boss can give employees more fairness, security and control according to the passage?
    A、Steven Jobs
    B、Charles Schwab's exectives
    C、Michael Duke
    D、Joanne Martin

2.5 Passage B: Cultural Differences随堂测验

1、If one encounters some culture shock, which of the following feeling can he not have?

2.6 Passage B: Language Support随堂测验

1、What a cultural blunder did the author make in Russia?
    A、He peeled a banana for a lady in front of her husband.
    B、He wanted to show courtesies to his Russia friends.
    C、He has been proudly telling others his tidbit of Russian culture.
    D、He couldn’t understand why women often walk arm in arm with women in Russia.

2、Why does the author think generalizations are often dangerous when accompanied by some recommendations?
    A、Because they are not easily distorted.
    B、Because cultural blunders are not unavoidable.
    C、Because they have a potential to do more good than harm.
    D、Because differences between people within given nation are bigger than those between groups.

Unit 2 Quiz 1: Language Focus

1、Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Each word may be used only once. The company chose to and more fully utilize the remaining workers.

2、He turned up later in the television show, questions.

3、This delicious on omelets are quick and easy to prepare.

4、He contented himself by assuming an air of .

5、America’s belief in its own God-ordained started to erode.

6、He talks in terms about the promise of American life.

7、There were fierce attacks on the BBC for alleged political .

8、The US government is more jobs from its payrolls.

9、The future of the company will depend on how consumers respond.

10、She has a charm that every kid would like to play fun with her.

Unit 2 Quiz 2: Reading Comprehension

1、Choose the best answer to each question with information from the passage <Cultural Differences> What did the author learn about Russians before he visited Russia?
    A、They are very polite.
    B、They are frank and romantic.
    C、Their behavior is usually very different.
    D、They are very hospitable.

2、How did the author feel about peeling a banana for a lady during his first visit to Russia?
    A、He felt he was doing the right thing in line with Russian culture.
    B、He felt embarrassed for having broken a Russian custom.
    C、He felt he was making a mistake.
    D、He felt excited about his romantic experience.

3、How did the author realize that he had made a cultural blunder?
    A、He studied Russian etiquette after his first visit to Russia.
    B、He got a hint from the lady he offered the banana to.
    C、He was politely corrected by a Russian during his third visit.
    D、He consulted some books and realized his mistake.

4、What does the author mean by studying cross-cultural differences?
    A、Studying the differences between individuals within one ethnic group.
    B、Making a comparison between one ethnic group and another in terms of culture.
    C、Making cultural generalizations about one culture based on the standards of the other.
    D、Comparing and categorizing different cultures.

5、What can we infer about the author from the passage?
    A、He was a male tourist.
    B、He could speak Russian very well.
    C、He often traveled around the world.
    D、He was an expert in world cultures.

Unit 3 Business Ethics

3.1 Lead-in随堂测验

1、1.Family members of those who perished in the Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 Max 8 tragedy are suing Boeing due to:
    A、Poor aircraft design
    B、Technical negligence
    C、Technical limitations
    D、Being manufacturers of the plane

2、2.The largest single nationality of passengers lost in the Ethiopian crash was:

3、3.According to family members, Boeing is mainly concerned with:

3.3 Passage A:Dirty Secrets随堂测验

1、American authorities will be fair to both home and foreign car makers

2、Europe’s testing regime is stringent except for VW’s case.

3、The author feels sad for the death of diesel.

3.5 Passage B : Honesty in Business随堂测验

1、Choose the best answer to each question with information from the passage B<Honesty in Business>. 1. Why did the author and her husband decide to help the young buyers?
    A、Because they were afraid they would be punished by law.
    B、Because they and the young couple were friends.
    C、Because they and the young couple were co-workers.
    D、Because they decided they should be honest and not lose their soul.

2、2. What does the proverb mean: “Honesty is the best policy”?
    A、It means honesty is a policy that the government should adopt.
    B、It means honesty in business brings the biggest profit.
    C、It means it is the very presence of honesty in business that affords success.
    D、It means honesty is the policy that the most people believe is right.

3、3. Which argument does the author try to support with the example of an international food company dishonestly marketing in Africa?
    A、The treatment we extend to others comes back to help or haunt us.
    B、African babies were not used to infant formula.
    C、African mothers did not know how to keep infant formula.
    D、It is illegal to market infant formula in African countries.

Unit 3 Quiz 1:Language Focus

1、Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Each word may be used only once. 1. On its official website, Air China emphasizes that safety is its No.1 priority and that all pilots have gone through _________ training.

2、2. He was hired to _________ design and construction of the new facility.

3、3. The king ________ the artist to paint his portrait.

4、4. At first it seemed like a(n) _________idea, but then we realized that it wasn’t so crazy after all.

5、5. Cash dividends will be sent to _______of the company on May 1st.

6、6. They have been charged with ________and willfully making false statements to the FBI in a matter involving international terrorism.

7、7. Daylight was scarcely visible through the ________window-panes.

8、8. You might learn that ______makes waste if you do sth. so quickly, resulting in mistakes.

9、9. I wonder how we can help my quick-tempered niece Karen loosen up and be a little more ________of common human flaws.

10、10. Cheap and efficient e-readers will have _______huge effects on the book publishing industry.

Unit 3 Quiz 2:Reading Comprehension

1、Choose the best answer to each question with information from the passage <Honesty in Business>. 1.Why did the author and her husband decide to call the young couple back to take the car to the mechanic?
    A、Because the young couple did not know how to drive the car.
    B、Because they felt a little guilty about the transaction.
    C、Because they had legal responsibility for the car.
    D、Because the young couple asked them to repair the car.

2、2.What does “struggling” (Para. 1) mean?
    A、Experiencing diffculty in career.
    B、Fighting against enemies.
    C、Making efforts for a better life.
    D、Getting in trouble.

3、3.What was the cause of the bolt coming loose on the steering column?
    A、Because the car had remained idle for too long.
    B、Because the young couple were not good at driving.
    C、Because a wrong bolt was used.
    D、Because a second-hand car goes wrong easily.

4、4.Why did some managers survive the down-sizings?
    A、Because they are always honest in their work.
    B、Because they know how to please their employers.
    C、Because they are adept at making a proft.
    D、Because they have developed a good personnel networking.

5、5.What is the author’s attitude toward the firm in marketing their product in developing countries in the 1970s?

Unit 4 Hopes and Fears for the Future

4.1 Lead-in随堂测验

1、Why did the article use the word 'gloomy' to describe the report by the Resolution Foundation?
    A、Because a third of Britain's millennials will never own their home.
    B、Because a third of Britons will never own their home.
    C、Because rent is becoming more and more expensive in the UK.
    D、Because house prices are becoming more and more expensive in the UK.

2、Once the millennial generation reaches retirement, there will be an explosion in:
    A、Hospital bills
    B、House prices
    C、Cost of living
    D、Housing benefits

3、What is vital for families who are renting?
    A、Lower cost of rent
    B、Lower cost of living
    C、Greater security of tenancy
    D、More housing benefits

4.4 Passage A : Language Support随堂测验

1、Who shares the opinion of " How to survive in the gig economy is the skill for future-proof college students' career"?
    A、Julia Kirby
    B、Joel Mokyr
    C、Henry Siu
    D、Richard and Daniel Susskind

2、Henry Siu responded that the thing to focus on in college is gaining experience in working with smart machines.

3、Julia Kirby suggested that the thing to focus on in college is gaining experience in learning what machines are capable of and what you're capable of.

4、Richard recommended students to be involved in the development and delivery of AI systems.

4.6 Passage B : Language Support随堂测验

1、What is the thing the author loved most about Bill? Is the thing just a tremendous excitement?
    A、Bill's entrepreneurial spirit.
    B、Bill's tremendous excitement.
    C、Bill's love.
    D、Bill's enthusiasm.

2、What is NOT the supporting details of "We were living the American Dream."?
    A、We volunteered.
    B、We bought art.
    C、We were busy accumulating.
    D、We sell the commodities in the garage.

3、What does ' new normal ' mean that "We actually lliked this 'new normal'."?
    A、The new lifestyle with ordinary desire.
    B、The new lifestyle with less desire of materials.
    C、The new usual lifestyle.
    D、The new lifestyle with more desire of commodities.

Unit 4 Quiz 1 : Language Focus

1、Read passage A and fill in the blanks with the words given below. Each word may be used only once. Experts ____________ that between 80 000 to 100 000 landslides followed the quake.

2、Meanwhile, Volkswagen's share price soared in ____________ of an agreement with American regulators over an emissions-cheating scandal.

3、These are being ____________ even by our devices again today.

4、This is _____________ the expansion of the universe driving galaxies ever further from each other.

5、Electronic banking may make over-the-counter transactions ______________ .

6、The main regional body, the South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation, is an ____________ .

7、If _____________ by sensible fiscal reforms, the potential jump in GDP after ten years rises to over 20%.

8、The book presents a ____________ distorted picture.

9、Modern _____________ has changed this. Either man will abolish war, or war will abolish man.

10、I felt real ____________ for my mother and what she had been through.

Unit 4 Quiz 2 : Reading Comprehension

1、Read Passage B again and try to match the implied ideas of some given paragraphs. A. Para.2 B. Para.4 C. Para.5 D. Para.6 E. Para.8 F. Para.11 G. Para.12 ____________ They found great enjoyment in house sorting, organizing and purging.

2、_____________ Bill was so calm facing the situation.

3、______________ Though they found work again, they have a new understanding of their life from their experience in the Great Recession.

4、______________ The wife thinks Bill should not leave his job.

5、_______________ Bill enjoyed both his work and family life.

6、_______________ The couple had an easy in their work.

7、_________________ The Great Recession changed the couple's life.

Unit 5 Globalization-One Belt One Road

5.1 Lead-in随堂测验

1、1.What is the goal of the Belt and Road Initiative?
    A、To boost tourism and trade
    B、To bring financial rewards to workers and businesses
    C、To build new roads, bridges, ports, and other infrastructure
    D、To establish more free trade zones

2、2.The new land port in Horgos links which two countries as part of the 5,250-mile transcontinental expressway?
    A、China and Russia
    B、China and Kazakhstan
    C、China and the UK
    D、China and Turkey

3、3.A zone that allows unrestricted movement of personnel, vehicles, and goods to travel between two countries is called a .
    A、Open Trade Zone
    B、Unrestricted Trade Zone
    C、Free Trade Zone
    D、Market Trade Zone

5.3 Passage A : The Silk Roads: Charismatic Spark随堂测验

1、The Silk Road or Silk Route is an ancient network of trade and cultural transmission routes.

2、The Silk Road is a Single Highway.

3、Frankopan’s study shows that one-way systems of Silk Road are a recent invention.

4、Neuroscientists think that the reason of travelling is that people’s minds crave disturbance.

5.5 Passage B : How to Raise a Global Kid随堂测验

1、According to Mr. Rogers, it is enough to who are brave, curious, hardworking, and compassionate. And it is sufficient to steer them toward the right sports, the right tutors, the right internships.

2、American parents have completely recovered from the anxiety attacks they suffered from Tiger Mom.

3、It has become a convention of pubic discourses to regard rapid globalization.

4、Wolf worries about pushing the kids out of their comfort zone since it is unlikely to build a compassionate child.

Unit 5 Quiz 1 : Language Focus

1、Fill in the blanks with the words or expressions given below. Each word or expression may be used only once. 1.Europeans seem to find them ______, an odd case of culture-envy in reverse.

2、2.The government needs to do sth. to ______ infation.

3、3.The natural American impulse is to search for solutions, for policies that can ________against these upheavals.

4、4.Harry Allen hoped Mayer would “keep speaking as ______as he clearly can against racism/white supremacy.”

5、5.He did not however say that the president lied, but rather that his response was “____narrow” and evasive.

6、6.Also he disliked Carter — seemed to _____his personality with that of Shandy's.

7、7.There are those who ______themselves into masters and believe themselves superior to others, rather than at their service.

8、8.In hindsight, it's so obvious now that she was ______for help with her problems, but we just didn’t see it at the time.

9、9.Ordinarily, candidates have years to_____their global agendas in relative obscurity.

10、10.The value to humanity of these two sciences is now established as ______.

Unit 5 Quiz 2 : Reading Comprehension

1、Choose the best answer to each question with information from the passage<How to Raise a Global Kid>. 1.According to Jim Rogers, what should parents especially do to prepare their children to face the 21st century?
    A、To raise them to be brave, curious, hardworking, and compassionate.
    B、To guide them to fnd right sports, tutors, internships and suitable colleges.
    C、To make sure that they receive the best education.
    D、To ensure that they grow up with a global perspective.

2、2.According to the passage, rapid globalization is seen as______.
    A、the symbol of 21st century
    B、a hazard for future generations
    C、a threat to America’s prosperity
    D、the interconnection of economy and politics

3、3.Jim Rogers immerses his family in a Chinese speaking environment mainly because______.
    A、he wants them to be well prepared for the new century
    B、his family lives in Singapore where Chinese is spoken
    C、he sees the decline of America and has lost confdence in his own country
    D、he believes Americans lack knowledge of China

4、4.Pamela Wolf was mentioned as an example to show that_____.
    A、there are many ways to educate a global child
    B、the Rogers are not alone in seeing the need to give their children a global perspective
    C、it is necessary for children to experience different cultures
    D、people with a global perspective are more responsible

5、5.The article tries to tell us that_____.
    A、American families are fond of traveling around the world with their children
    B、American people are worried about the shaky position of America in the world
    C、American children are forced to learn to be versatile
    D、American parents are clever at cultivating their children with a global perspective

Unit 6 Patents and Innovations

Unit 6 Quiz 1 : Language Focus

1、Fill in the blanks with the words or expressions given below. Each word or expression may be used only once. 1. If you keep drinking and smoking, you’re going to all kinds of health problems.

2、The law the government to release certain documents to the public.

3、These microbiomes their owners with amazing abilities.

4、My father excelled in business above all by imagination and .

5、She plans to become a doctor and no one had better .

6、Congress quickly the veto, forcing the sanctions into law.

7、No natives know so well how to and be unpleasant to travelers.

8、A series of conflicts within the administration has healthcare reform yet again.

9、Senate Republicans are preparing to vote on a bill that would the rule, which is unpopular in the financial industry.

10、The board will claims made against teachers.

Unit 6 Quiz 2 : Reading Comprehension

1、 The passage is speaking strongly against the patent system — based upon the ① that “patent-lawyers are masters of obfuscation” and that patents are being used both by established ② and patent trolls to stifle further innovation. The system has created a parasitic ③ of trolls and defensive patent-holders, who aim to block innovation, or at least to stand in its way ④ they can grab a share of the spoils. An early study found that newcomers to the semiconductor business had to buy licenses from incumbents for as much as $200m. Patents should spur ⑤ of innovation; instead, they are used to lock in incumbents’ advantages. The patent system is expensive. A decade-old study ⑥ that in 2005, without the temporary monopoly patents bestow, America might have saved three-quarters of its $210 billion bill for prescription drugs. The expense would be worth it if patents brought innovation and prosperity. The Economist has a longstanding pro-competition anti-patent bent. In the 1800’s The Economist proposed full ⑦ of the patent system. The paper’s stance is no longer opposition, but does come with the interesting statement that “government should force the owners of intellectual property to share.” Their proposals: 1) Patent Use Requirement — the patent should only be ⑧ if the patentee uses it in the marketplace. 2) Patent ⑨ — patents should be easier to challenge without going to court and the burden of proof should be lower. 3) The standard for non-obviousness should be raised so that patents are only granted to those “who work hard on big, fresh ideas, rather than those who file the paperwork on a tiddler.” 4) Patent term should be reduced — ⑩ in fast-moving technology areas. ①










Unit 7 Language and Economy

Unit 7 Quiz 1 : Language Focus

1、Most people have a stereotyped view that English majors must pursue to be journalists or teachers according to paragraph 1.

2、One should follow a strict regimen of courses directly relevant to the career choices, that is, one should make specialized preparation for law school and medical school in US.

3、In the movie Legally Blonde, Ellen Woods was admitted by Harvard Law School mainly becauseof her high score in LSAT.

4、An English major with a basic grounding in science have excellent preparations for study and career in medicine.

Unit 7 Quiz 2 : Reading Comprehension

1、Complete the following sentences with the following words or expressions from the passage. Change the form where necessary. 1. Clearly what we should do first is to read literature and collect data / information which is thesis.

2、2. There is a great variety of stores in this newly-built shopping mall, very large “department stores”, offering clothing, household goods as well as children’s toys very small exclusive ones that specialize in just one kind of product or brand.

3、3. Jeff has got all the right for the job but is temperamentally unsuitable for it.

4、4. The enormous foreign debt is the main to the economic development.

Unit 8 Phychological Health

Unit 8 Quiz 1 : Language Focus

1、Fill in the blanks with the words given below. Each word may be used only once. There were joyous celebrations all over the country, with parades and the ringing of church bells to honor the great .

2、Your is your good opinion of yourself or your respect for yourself.

3、It is a instinct to flee a place of danger.

4、Later, some of his findings much popular interest in his book.

5、She herself with the campaign against drug abuse.

6、The issue has caused great tension between the two countries and could lead to a military .

7、Government employees swear an oath not to official secrets.

8、Most of the students have already felt the pressure of inflation.

9、Dozens of homes have had to be as the sea has crept farther and farther inland.

10、After he won the amateur championship, he turned himself to a boxer.

Unit 8 Quiz 2 : Reading Comprehension

1、The following words occur in Passage A. Choose the given words to fill in the blanks. Each word can only be used once. Synonyms Conflict is similar in meaning to .

2、Mental is similar in meaning to .

3、Feeling sad is similar in meaning to ___.

4、Self-esteem is similar in meaning to .

5、Back up is similar in meaning to .

6、Antonyms Light-hearted opposite in meaning to .

7、Helpful opposite in meaning to .



1、Section C Reading in depth Read the following passages carefully and then finish the tasks below. Money may not buy you love, but it turns out that the green stuff can bring happiness, to a point: New research finds that there’s a limit to how beneficial a lofty income is to an individual’s well-being. “That might be surprising, as what we see on TV and what advertisers tell us we need would indicate that there is no ceiling when it comes to how much money is needed for happiness, but we now see there are some thresholds,” lead study author Andrew Jebb, a doctoral student in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University, said in a statement. Jebb and his colleagues used survey data from the Gallup World Poll collected from more than 1.7 million adults ages 15 and older from 164 countries. Participants answered questions related to life satisfaction and well-being, as well as purchasing power. Whereas emotional well-being refers to a person’s day-to-day feelings of happiness, excitement, sadness and anger, overall satisfaction in life is largely influenced by higher goals and a comparison of one’s belongings with others’ stuff. On average, the research revealed the ideal income point, or “satiation income,” is $95,000 for overall life satisfaction and $60,000 to $75,000 for emotional well-being. The highest satiation income related to one’s overall life evaluation was found in Australia and New Zealand, where happiness increased up until about $125,000. By contrast, the satiation income in Latin America and the Caribbean, was $35,000. In North America, however, the threshold for happiness was reached with an income of $105,000. This data suggests that income matters more to individuals living in wealthier nations, according to the study. “Again, this amount is for individuals and would likely be higher for families,” Jebb said in the statement. “And there was substantial variation across world regions, with satiation — the point beyond which no more happiness is gained and, in fact, satisfaction goes down — occurring later in wealthier regions for life satisfaction. This could be because evaluations tend to be more influenced by the standards by which individuals compare themselves to other people.” However, once an individual reached that threshold of happiness, additional increases in income resulted in reduced life satisfaction and a lower level of emotional well-being, according to the study. The researchers said this is likely because money fulfills basic needs, such as purchasing necessities and paying bills, but after people’s needs are met, they are driven by material gains and social comparisons that may ultimately lower their well-being. “At this point, they are asking themselves, ‘Overall, how am I doing?’ and ‘How do I compare to other people?’” Jebb said in the statement. “The small decline puts one’s level of well-being closer to that of individuals who make slightly lower incomes, perhaps due to the costs that come with the highest incomes.” The researchers also examined the influence of gender and education on an individual’s optimal income. Overall, there was no significant evidence suggesting the link between income and happiness was stronger for men or women. However, income satiation did vary based on an individual’s level of education. Specifically, individuals with a higher education reported a more positive life evaluation and emotional well-being in relation to a higher income. This is likely due to income aspirations and social comparisons with different groups of people, the researchers said. The study builds on previous findings that suggest people with higher incomes devote more time to working, commuting and/or child care and, as a result, feel more stress and tension in their daily lives than those in lower income brackets. 16. What is the passage mainly about?
    A、How can money bring happiness?
    B、How much money can make people happy?
    C、Why can’t money many buy happiness?
    D、Why do people associate money with happiness?

2、What does “satiation income” (line 1, Papa 4) refer to?
    A、The income point of supporting people’s families.
    B、The income point of bringing happiness to people.
    C、The income point of meeting people’s basic needs.
    D、The income point of driving people to work overtime

3、After people reached their ideal income point, _______.
    A、their happiness increased
    B、their emotional well-being disappeared
    C、their satisfaction declined
    D、their material needs became stronger

4、According to the passage, the researchers found whether people feel happy was influenced by ______.

5、We can learn from the passage that _______.
    A、emotional well-being refers to people’s higher goals.
    B、people in wealthier regions always feel happier.
    C、the lowest satiation income for happiness was found in North America.
    D、people feel less happy when comparing themselves to others.

6、Section A Exploratory Reading Skim the following passage and decide whether the following statements are true or false according to the passage. Advertising has become a very specialized activity in modern times. In the business world of today, supply is usually greater than demand. There is great competition between different manufacturers of the same kind of product to persuade customers to buy their own particular brand. They always have to remind the consumer of the name and the quality of their product. They do this by advertising. The manufacturer advertises in the newspapers and on posters. He sometimes pays for songs about his product in commercial radio programs. He employs attractive sales girls to distribute samples of it. He organizes competitions with prizes for the winners. He often advertises on the screens of local cinemas. Most important of all, in countries that have television he has advertisements put into programs that will accept them. Manufacturers often spend large sums of money on advertisements. We buy a particular product because we think that it is the best. We usually think so because of the advertisements that say so. Some people never pause to ask themselves if the advertisements are telling the truth. Statements 1. Demand is usually greater than supply in modern business world.

7、Manufacturers use advertisements to remind consumers of the name and quality of their product.

8、Advertising in the newspapers, radio programs and TV programs are equally important.

9、Advertisers try hard every means to win customers’ strong preference in their products.

10、Manufacturers tend to exaggerate their products’ merits on advertisements.

11、Section B Reading in the Context Read the following passage with ten missing words. Learn to guess the meanings of them from the context and then select one word for each blank from the list of choices given in a word bank following the passage. Each word can be used only once. Each human being is born as something new, something that never existed before. Each is born with the capacity to win at life. Each person has a ____6____way of seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and thinking. Each has his or her own distinct potentials---____7____ and limitations. Each can be a significant, thinking and creative being--- a winner. When we refer to a person as a winner, we mean the winner is one who responds ____8___ by being credible, trustworthy, responsive and genuine, both as an individual and as a member of a society. Winners do not ____9____ themselves to a concept of what they imagine they should be; rather, they are themselves and as such do not use their energy putting on a performance, maintaining pretence and manipulating others. Winners are not afraid to do their own thinking and to use their own knowledge. They can ____10____ between facts and opinions and don’t pretend to have all the answers. They listen to others, evaluate what they say, but come to their own conclusions. Winners do not play “____11____”, nor do they play the blaming game. Instead, they assume responsibility for their own lives. They do not give others a false authority over them. Winners are their own bosses and know it. Winners respond appropriately to the situation. Their responses are related to the message ____12____ and preserve the significance, worth, well-being and dignity of the people involved. Although winners can freely enjoy themselves, they can also ____13___ enjoyment, can discipline themselves in the present to enhance their enjoyment in the future. A winner cares about the world and its people. A winner is not isolated from the general problems of society, but is ____14___, compassionate and committed to ____15___ the quality of life. A. helpless B. greatly C. capabilities D. sent E. authentically F. unintelligent G. postpone H. enhance I. unique J. concerned K. cooperative L. distinguish M. improving N. dedicate O. divide 注意:此部分填写所选答案的大写字母编号即可,不需填写具体的单词。请勿输入空格键。 6__________