LESSON 1 Greetings, Introductions, Gift-giving 基本社交礼仪


1、A greeting is more effective when we combine verbal and non-verbal ways of communication.

2、When we address a teacher as Professor, he/she will feel honored.

3、Job titles are usually put in front of people’s surnames in international communication.

4、James is an exchange student studying mathematics in China.

5、James has introduced Dan to Professor Zhou (Jennifer).

6、When shaking hands, we should hold the other person's hand firmly and shake as many times as possible to show friendliness.

7、In international communication, we should avoid talking about each other's religious beliefs.

8、The more expensive our gift is, the more respect we show to the gift-recipient.

9、We should wrap up our gifts before giving them away.

10、Receiving compliments gracefully is more important than giving compliments.

11、In international communication, we should avoid talking about each other's family.

12、Gifts made by gift-givers for gift recipients are too cheap.

13、It is not necessary to greet people whom we already know.

14、When you are not sure if a lady is single or married, use Ms before her full name.

15、James loves to play football.

LESSON 2 Dressing 着装


1、There is a possibility that business casual attire will also cost a lot due to the fact that ______.
    A、the occasion is special
    B、men and women wear differently
    C、the good quality materials are essential
    D、the etiquette is casual

2、While conversing with others, you should refrain from looking like checking messages, which implies that you are ______.

3、When you intent to exhibit the best of you during an interview, you should adhere to ______.
    A、original fashions
    B、special fashions
    C、formal fashions
    D、neutral fashions

4、For a job interview for women, which of the following is acceptable?
    A、something with extreme cuts
    B、something extravagant
    C、complicated jackets
    D、pant suits

5、Dressing is significant because ______.
    A、the way you dress communicates to the people around you
    B、a person’s dressing style tells what he thinks about himself
    C、a person’s dressing style tells how much he respects his body and probably what kind of person he is
    D、all of the above

6、It is up to men themselves to decide whether to wear long-sleeved shirts in case it is too hot in a business casual event.

7、It is perceived improper for men to wear athletic shoes in a business casual event.

8、For women in a business casual event, they are supposed to keep away from the jewelry with pronounced color or style.

9、The purse of the women should have a striking contrast with their shoes.

10、Jeans are decent as semi-casual attire in that they are ceremonial.

11、In a semi-casual event, a tuxedo is indispensability because the wearer could be regarded properly dressed.

12、Wearing in a suit and tie or skirt suit and heels might be informal for leisure wear.

13、For a job interview for men, a formal black suit is more appropriate.

14、Women with average height should wear flats to make themselves more aggressive.

15、When choose a tie for a job interview, ties with fancy patterns should be avoided.

LESSON 8 Telephone Etiquette 电话礼仪


1、Why is making/answering telephone calls such an important skill for international communication?
    A、Because usually it is the first contact that a person has with an organization.
    B、Because you can get your business done by telephoning.
    C、Because the telephone you use tells people how modern your company is.
    D、Because foreigners love to communicate through telephones.

2、Which of the following was not mentioned by the teacher as a basic type of telephone?
    A、A landline.
    B、A mobile or cell phone.
    C、An online phone.
    D、A public phone.

3、Which of the following is a traditional telephone used at homes and in offices?
    A、A landline.
    B、A mobile or cell phone.
    C、An online phone.
    D、An answer machine.

4、According to the video about how to answer the telephone, who has called?
    A、Gerard Edwards
    C、Professor Gao

5、According to the video about how to answer the telephone, Professor Edwards is going to ______.
    A、arrive on CZ6267 next Wednesday the 20th of May
    B、leave on CZ6267 next Wednesday the 20th of May
    C、make a speech next Wednesday the 20th of May
    D、send an email next Wednesday the 20th of May

6、According to the video about how to make a telephone call, who is Andris?
    A、A professor in Harbin Institute of Technology.
    B、A student from China.
    C、A professor who has just arrived in China.
    D、A professor who is supervising the Chinese student.

7、According to the video about how to make a telephone call, What is the purpose of Siqiang’s telephone call?
    A、To make an appointment to meet Andris.
    B、To find out if Andris is at home.
    C、To say goodbye to Andris.
    D、To tell Andris about a telephone message.

8、Which is not mentioned by the teacher that you need to prepare for an out-going call?
    A、A list of things you need to say.
    B、A telephone directory.
    C、A telephone message form or some paper.
    D、Some money.

9、To make a long-distance call, you'll need an area code.

10、Collect calls are the calls that the caller must pay for the bill.

11、Mobile phones or cell phones are usually used for public purposes.

12、People can use online phones to make international calls for free.

13、You should answer the telephone by the first ring.

14、You should note the time and date the message is taken, and add your initials in case there are any questions.

15、Gerry says the first Do is to identify yourself on every type of telephone call.

16、Gerry says that we should speak clearly, speak slowly on the phone so that the person understands.

LESSON 4 Transport and Traveling 交通和旅行


1、To have a trip without incidents, it is NOT sensible to dress as a traveler that is ______.

2、All of the following items should be left at home EXCEPT ______.
    A、unneeded credit cards
    B、library card
    C、expensive jewelry
    D、travelers’ checks

3、To ensure your safety on the street, you should be vigilant in the following areas EXCEPT: ______.
    A、parking lots
    B、subways with too many people
    C、tourist sites

4、The one who helps pickpockets usually doesn't ______.
    A、point to the stains on your trousers
    B、divert your attention
    C、carry your luggage for you
    D、inquire the information

5、When you pack, what should you do?
    A、to bring the entire guidebook with you
    B、to take the perfume instead of the scented lotions
    C、to include an iron and board
    D、to have a first-aid kit

6、You should keep from doing the following EXCEPT when you drive ______.
    A、leaving valuables in the car
    B、keeping the valuables locked in the truck
    C、parking the car on the street overnight
    D、picking up hitchhikers

7、What should you do after reporting missing items to the police?
    A、report the credit cards to the issuing company
    B、get rid of the traveler's checks
    C、ask for a refund of the airline tickets
    D、apply for the insurance claims

8、When going through security check, you need to do the following EXCEPT ______.
    A、take off the garments
    B、remove the jewelry if you set off the alarm
    C、remove the body piercings
    D、tell the staff about your body jewelry

9、If you miss your flight, you should ______.
    A、ask the airport staff to find and pay for alternative flight
    B、complain to the staff because of their negligence
    C、keep your temper
    D、ask for a compensation

10、Which of the following is NOT a disadvantage of traveling by train?
    A、its unreliable timekeeping
    B、its low speed
    C、the discomforts
    D、the crowded space

11、The advantages of road transport are the following EXCETP ______.
    A、the affordable vehicles
    B、the speed limits from the government
    C、the flexible routes
    D、the unique door-to-door service

12、It is recommended to exchange greetings with someone in an elevator if he or she is distrustful.

13、When you take trains, it is sensible to stay where you are if someone gets in your way and another one is coming to you from behind.

14、You are allowed to take injections through the airport security since they pose great risks to the passengers even if you are screened.

15、You are entitled to keep silent when you find it makes you uneasy to answer the security-related questions.

16、Modern sea transport is not an effective method of transporting large quantities of spoilable goods.

17、You should put your cash and credit cards in one wallet or purse in terms of convenience.

18、The luggage tags should explicitly present your personal information such as where you are from.

19、According to safety experts, it is advisable to accommodate yourself on ground floors so as to escape quickly in case of a fire.

20、By means of air transport, there is no way for the aircraft to take off and land on ice because it is too dangerous.

LESSON 9 Interview 面试


1、Interviewers may be looking for leadership skills,so you can talk over others or try to be the loudest.

2、The behavioral interviews are future-oriented.

3、The STAR method is a structured manner of responding to a behavioral-based interview question by discussing the specific situation, task, action, and result of the situation you are describing.

4、Telephone interviews also take place if a job applicant is a significant distance away form the premises of the hiring company, such as abroad or in another state or province.

5、In the group interview, you can speak out and cut other people off.

6、Actually, questions asked in behavioral interview have got some tesing points, either to test the team spirit, the leading ability or the creativity.

7、Another type of one-to-one interview may involve only a single interviewer who behaves in an uninterested or hostile manner.

8、In group interviews the candidate is interviewed by a group of panelists representing the various stakeholders in the hiring process.

9、If the resume written really well, it may convince the reader that the job candidate is ideally suited for the job.

10、If you try to show leadership you should try to do it all yourself.

11、Pay attention, as you will be expected to participate and any lack of participation or enthusiasm will be noted.

12、Stay polite towards your fellow interviewees throughout the interview.

13、The interview is usually followed by the evaluation of submitted resumes from interested candidates.

14、Telephone interviews take place if a recruiter wishes to reduce the number of prospective candidates before deciding on a shortlist for face-to-face interviews.

15、A job interview is a process in which a potential employee is evaluated by an employer for prospective employment in their company, organization, or firm.

LESSON 5 Accommodation 住宿


1、When selecting hotel rooms, you need to maximize safety and security. Select a room located between the ______ and ______ floor.
    A、2nd; 4th
    B、3rd; 5th
    C、4th; 6th
    D、6th; 8th

2、Here are the differences between a hostel and a hotel except that _____.
    A、hotels are considered more luxurious than hostels and, therefore, more expensive.
    B、hotels are most often associated with backpackers looking for inexpensive, temporary shelter as well as a place for a shower and a meal.
    C、some hostels will allow guests to work in exchange for a discount or even a night’s stay.
    D、a hotel will provide guests with mini refrigerators,wet bars, cable television, wireless Internet service, telephones, irons and hair dryer, but a hostel usually provides none of the above.

3、The "____________" sign tells everyone you're not in the hotel room.
    A、I am out.
    B、Please make up this room.
    C、Do not disturb.
    D、Do not come in.

4、If you want to rent a room, you can look for a(n) ________ that specializes in renting flats.

5、What is the range for star rating of hotels?
    A、1 to 3
    B、1 to 5
    C、1 to 7
    D、1 to 10

6、A _______ is a hotel which is for a short stay, usually for a night, for motorists on a long journey.

7、_________ is a form of tourism or study abroad program that allows the visitor to rent a room from a local family to better learn the local lifestyle as well as improve their language ability.
    A、A hostel
    B、A hotel
    D、A motel

8、Hostels provide budget oriented, sociable accommodation where guests can rent a bed, usually a(n) ______ bed in a dormitory and share a bathroom, lounge and sometimes a kitchen.

9、When you rent a flat, you will need to pay for gas and electricity, water, broadband, and digital TV on top of your _______.

10、Check the small print of your contract, including the duration of the tenancy, and what _______ you’re responsible for.

11、Hotels are most often associated with backpackers.

12、Some hotels will allow guests to work in exchange for a discount or even a night’s stay.

13、Hotels are considered more luxurious than hostels and, therefore, more expensive.

14、If you want to cancel your hotel booking after confirmation you have to cancel your reservation before the time limit according to the hotel policy.

15、The YMCA (Young Men’s Christian Association), a worldwide welfare organization that runs hostels providing expensive accommodation for young people.

LESSON 3 Table Manners 餐桌礼仪


1、You have been served a bowl of soup. How do you eat it appropriately?
    A、Eat the chunky bits with a fork and use the bowl like a cup to drink the liquid.
    B、Dip your spoon at the edge closest to you and fill it as you move it away from you.
    C、Quietly dip your spoon into the center of the bowl and wait for it to fill.
    D、Suck it up with a straw.

2、The napkin should be __________ , when you have dinner.
    A、placed on the table
    B、folded in the glass
    C、tucked in your shirt
    D、left on your lap

3、At a formal dinner, the fork should be placed __________.
    A、next to the soup spoon
    B、to the left of the butter knife.
    C、to the right of the butter knife
    D、beside the plate when the course is served

4、You should always wait until _______ is served to begin eating your meal.
    B、the host
    C、the hostess
    D、the guest

5、Eat to your ______, and drink to your_______.
    A、right, left
    B、right, right
    C、left, left
    D、left, right

6、If you're not sure what to do, you can always follow your ________.

7、Generally, a tip of ______ percent of the bill is the norm.

8、Modern formal dinners typically have ______ courses that vary according to the types of food being served.

9、When each course is finished, you should place the knife and fork ______ with the handles in the four o’clock position on the right rim of the plate.

10、White wine glasses are held by the_______.

11、Use the same plate for your next pass through the buffet line.

12、When taking a break from eating, you can rest your utensils in the center of your plate with the tips facing each other in an inverted V.

13、The basic rule for using silverware and dinnerware is to work from the outside in.

14、In western dining seating arrangements, the highest ranking male generally sits to the left of the hostess.

15、Use the fork on the right and the knife on the left.

LESSON 6 International Conferences


1、All the following are appropriate to acknowledge the other people in the meeting EXCEPT ______.
    C、my colleagues

2、All the following factors can make a meeting conducted in a foreign language difficult EXCEPT ______.
    A、incomprehensible words
    B、strong accents
    C、topics other than your specialty
    D、alien formalities

3、Which of the following terms and expressions are useful to interrupt someone's speech?
    A、"Yes, you made a very good point."
    B、"Excuse me, may I add something here?"
    C、"What's your opinion on this?"
    D、"The purpose of this meeting is..."

4、When you are finishing a meeting, you should say ______.
    A、We are getting a little sidetracked here. Please get back to the subject.
    B、May I finish my speech, if you don't mind...
    C、Is there any other business we want to discuss?
    D、Yes, I feel the same way about this.

5、Which of the following is appropriate for a date of the conference?
    A、from Thursday to Sunday
    B、mid terms

6、All the following information should be considered in your invitation list EXCEPT ______.
    B、deadline for applications
    C、the number of applicants
    D、the nationalities of the applicants

7、The Head of organizational team should consider all the followings to check the progress of organizational tasks EXCEPT ______.
    A、what needs to be done in the future
    B、the tasks that need special attention
    C、possible solutions when problems arise
    D、cancellation of the program when it fails

8、Which of the following could help you give a warm reception for your guests?
    A、a special mailing list
    B、the accreditation cards
    C、some basic information about your country
    D、sight-seeing in the middle of the conference

9、What is the point of meeting with the heads of delegations?
    A、You will have fewer questions and problems in the future days.
    B、They have the lists with names of delegates.
    C、They would not ask silly questions.
    D、You can show your respect to the authority.

10、Minutes, an official record of the proceedings of a formal meeting, should include all the following elements EXCEPT ______.
    A、the signature of the chairperson
    B、the names of the attendants
    C、the name of the chairman
    D、the consensus reached by the attendants

11、It is rude of you to interrupt or disagree with people even you present your views in a non-confrontational way.

12、The word “just” indicates that the issue is quite problematic and will consume a lot of time.

13、When you are using “I think” or “I feel”, you had better make the listeners aware that you are giving instructions.

14、It is creative and professional as well to invite a lecturer from teaching area to speak on national security, because it is good to have various voices.

15、If some don’t quite fit in the frame of the conference, it is always the best policy to exclude them from the conference.

16、A classy conference with all the glamour and prestige is prerequisite for the location of the event.

17、48 hours for a conference can be a feasible idea to majority of the students for the arrangement is time-efficient.

18、Self initiative of any kind can compromise the authority of the head of the organizational team and should be thoroughly prohibited.

19、Accommodation offered by companies constitutes a non-financial help and compensates the financial support.

20、The delegations should resort to their own resources in finding their way to the hotel because some of them may not arrive on the official arrival day.

LESSON 7 Public Speaking


1、You need to consider all the following issues before you begin preparing a presentation EXCEPT ______.
    A、whether the audience is general
    B、the specific purpose of the talk
    C、whether the audience is interactive
    D、whether you are speaking with visual aids

2、When you deliver the presentation, you should _____.
    A、mumble and avoid direct eye contacts with the audience
    B、speak quickly so as to finish the presentation efficiently
    C、keep your pitch and speed of your presentation
    D、give the audience amiable facial expressions

3、When you are a moderator, you should NOT ______.
    A、make sure no one dominates the discussion
    B、direct a question to the panelist who speaks little
    C、interrupt the conversation if it is unproductive
    D、observe the discussion and refrain from intervening

4、What can you do if you have to interject while others are speaking?
    A、stand up and make yourself heard
    B、raise your hands when a statement has just been made
    C、leave your seat politely
    D、come close to the speaker and remind him or her of the error

5、What is NOT an advantage of a successful Q&A?
    A、attach importance to the key message
    B、share opinions with others about the issues
    C、make the audience react favorably
    D、acquire advice from an expert

6、What is NOT a purpose of repeating the question from the audience?
    A、to show you are following him or her
    B、to prepare how to respond
    C、to make all the audience on the same page
    D、to show your respect to him or her

7、When someone humiliates or challenges you, you should ______.
    A、be composed and reply with a calm voice
    B、have a detailed discussion with him or her
    C、challenge him or her with another difficult question
    D、point out the hostility of the question

8、The manuscript of the oral presentation is quite different from the way you write a paper in that the presentation covers all your neat ideas.

9、"Thank you for having me..." is quite an effective phrase to catch the interest of the audience for the opening of a presentation.

10、It is essential to make your presentation impressive by giving abrupt elements and making them out of the expectation of the audience.

11、It is advisable to include the summary in the beginning and repeat the summary all through in case the audience would miss the points.

12、Half an hour is probably a bit longer for a typical symposium presentation and slowdowns may lengthen the time allotment unexpectedly.

13、In panel discussions, the panelists are expected to present agreed-upon views.

14、The irrelevant issues can waste time and make the goal inaccessible.

15、It is important to repeat your statements from time to time in case the audience would not follow you.

16、If you disagree with a statement from others, you should stop him or her immediately so as to reach a productive discussion.

17、The audience will be likely to have proper questions if you inform the audience of the time for questions later on.

18、It is recommended that you ask a question and answer it yourself if nobody asks one, so as to encourage the audience come up with more.

19、You should value every question and elaborate your point at length.

20、It is shameful to confess/admit that you do not know the answer to a question and you have to turn to someone else from the audience.



1、What does not need to be a consideration before you make a phone call?
    A、The purpose of your call.
    B、The best time to call.
    C、A brief joke to break the ice.
    D、The tone used to talk on the phone.

2、Amy Stuart has become a client of yours and you have a meeting scheduled so you can show her what your company can do for her. When you are speaking to her, you should refer to her as _____________.
    A、Ms. Stuart
    B、Amy Stuart
    D、Amy, Sweetie

3、One of the most ill-mannered things to do at a business meal is _______.
    A、order a lot of food
    B、speak while chewing
    C、set up business papers on the table
    D、use a cell phone

4、When you are walking around at work, you should _____.
    A、say hello to people I know.
    B、say hello to people I know and I don’t know.
    C、wait to respond after others say hello.
    D、keep silent.

5、When introducing other people, we should always introduce the _________________ person first.
    A、more important
    C、less important

6、Which of the followings does not go with the professional appearance:?
    A、business suit
    B、a dress with a jacket
    C、close-toe shoes
    D、see-through blouse

7、The three ones principle of wearing western suits includes the followings except________.
    B、leather belt

8、When answering the phone, we should _________________.
    A、answer with a greeting.
    B、pick up the call immediately
    C、multitask while talking on the phone
    D、answer the phone in front of others.

9、When leaving a voicemail message, we should make sure we do the followings except__________.
    A、state your name and phone number.
    B、state the best time for the receiver to return the call.
    C、give a brief summery of the reason for calling.
    D、speak as fast as possible to save the cost.

10、The picture suggests _______
    A、Having finished a meal.
    B、being in the middle of a meal and still to continue. (resting)
    C、waiting to start the meal.
    D、being ready to order.

11、When you accept an invitation, you are expected to show up; if you are unable to attend, call the host/hostess anytime before the social gethering,

12、Current party etiquette allows for as much as possible early arrival for guests, so be prepared.

13、Keep your elbows off the table, especially when you are eating.

14、John sent his mails to the professor at any time when he was in trouble.

15、If you make eye contact with someone who is within 5 feet of you, you must acknowledge the person with a nod or a smile.

16、In the FACS mehod, F means __________.

17、Bread, salad or any food dish is placed to the __________ of your dinner plate.


Case Analysis

1、Nathan, a sales rep, wanted to show a customer from India visiting the United States for the first time some typical American activities. He thought the man would enjoy visiting his home for a “typical American barbeque,” where he served hot dogs and hamburgers. He didn’t know the customer was a vegetarian, so the customer ate very little, became rather aloof, and left early.