Module2 Academic Reading

Session 5 Overview of Doing Interdisciplinary Research随堂测验

1、What are the steps of doing interdisciplinary research?
    A、Asking the questions
    B、Gathering relevant disciplinary insights
    C、Designing efficient way to solve it
    D、Comparing and contrasting results from previous methods

2、Aluminum, which possesses high conductivity of heat and electricity, finds wide application in industry.

Session 6 Overview of Intensive Reading Academic Papers in Chemistry随堂测验



    A、introduction, message, research and discussion
    B、introduction, message, results and discussion
    C、introduction, methods, research and discussion
    D、introduction, methods, results and discussion

Session 8 Overview of Academic Papers in Science随堂测验

1、According to the authors experience, the components of research paper can be divided into:
    A、Preliminary part
    B、Text part
    C、Main part
    D、Supplementary part

2、What are included in Preliminary part?
    B、Author and affiliation C. Abstract D. Key words
    D、Key words

3、What are included in Text Part?
    A、Introduction and Literature review
    C、Results and Discussion

4、What are included in Supplementary Part?
    D、Author and affiliation

5、Basically there are two types of documentation systems, they are :
    A、Author-year system
    B、In-text citation system
    C、Number system
    D、Alphabetical order system

Module3 Academic Writing

Session 1 Introduction to Academic Writing随堂测验

1、Which type of writing cannot be categorized as academic writing?
    A、Research reports
    D、Research papers

2、The following are the features of academic writing except __________.

3、In academic writing __________ are often used.
    A、contracted structures
    B、colloquial words and expressions
    C、single verbs
    D、verbal phrases

4、Which sentence is more likely to be found in an academic paper?
    A、An experiment was carried out to investigate the effect of light on plant growth.
    B、We analyzed the experiment and what we found made us realize that the technique is quite complex.
    C、We used the material to carry out a similar experiment and the experiment aimed at biomass inspection.
    D、Chances are, my study showed the use of the vegetation-specific root-shoot ratios.

Session 2 How to Select and Narrow down Research Topic随堂测验

1、Which is the best topic?
    A、A Study of new resources
    B、Utilization of marsh gas for the countryside
    C、Utilization of marsh gas
    D、Utilization of new resources

2、What are the methods of topic selection?
    A、Consult your professor or an expert.
    B、Read books and academic journals.
    C、Choose from your own interests.
    D、Attend academic conferences and lectures.

3、What are the features of a good topic? (新题)

4、An abstract is usually written before the entire paper is done.

5、A good way to narrow a topic is to analyze the different components of the topic and pick one of them.

Session 4 How to Understand IMRD Structure in Academic Writing随堂测验

1、What are included in the IMRD format?

2、What are the rules for the Introduction and Discussion section?
    A、The Introduction section usually develops from general to specific.
    B、The Introduction section usually develops from specific to general.
    C、The Discussion section usually develops from general to specific.
    D、The Discussion section usually develops from specific to general.

3、What are the elements for an Introduction?
    B、Experimental data

4、What are the elements for a purpose statement?
    A、purpose noun
    B、action verb

Session 5 How to Write Introduction and Methods in Academic Writing随堂测验

1、What is mentioned in the Methods section?
    A、Further study
    B、The criteria for choosing the subjects
    C、Survey carried out in the experiment
    D、The procedure of the experiment

2、What are the features of the Methods section?
    A、All the steps should be clearly stated.
    B、It’s a straightforward report of procedures and materials.
    C、The researchers should give comments on the experiment.
    D、There shouldn’t be any discussion, problems or statements of rationales.

3、What should be shown in the Results section?
    A、The statistical results
    C、The findings in the experiment

4、What are the features of the Results section?
    A、It should be concise.
    B、It should be long.
    C、It should be short.
    D、The details in the Methods section are restated.

5、How to present the findings of the experiment?
    A、Stating the facts
    B、Comparing and contrasting
    C、Analyzing cause and effect
    D、Illustrating with graphic aids

6、What should be included in the Discussion section?
    A、Explanation of the results
    B、Comments on the data
    C、Limitations and the implications
    D、Suggestion for further research

Session 6 How to Write Results in Academic Writing随堂测验

1、The following are the standards for a good title except that _____________.
    A、A good title is eye-catching
    B、A good title is accurate
    C、A good title is clear and concise
    D、A good title is redundant

2、When writing a title for a research paper, a writer should avoid _____________.
    A、placing key words in the forward position in the title
    B、using descriptive words in the title
    C、using lesser-known abbreviations and jargon in the title
    D、condensing the paper’s content in a few words

3、In academic writing, a complete sentence cannot be the title of a research paper.

4、Research purposes and results should be included in all abstracts.

5、A good abstract should offer as much information of the research as possible.

Session 7 How to Cite Literature in Academic Writing随堂测验

1、What are the ways to avoid plagiarism?

2、What are the ways of citation?

3、What are the commonly used styles for documentation?

Session 8 How to Revise Papers in Academic Writing随堂测验

1、When checking the entire framework of a paper, a writer should pay attention to ___________.
    A、the thesis statement
    B、topic sentences
    D、the cohesion and coherence in paragraphs

2、What are the requirements of the journal a writer needs to know before submitting his paper to the journal?
    A、The style for setting the references
    B、The recommended length for the paper
    C、Criteria of paper acceptance
    D、Printing format

3、Generally, a writer should start the revision of a paper by polishing the language of the paper.

4、To get the research paper published in a journal, a writer can analyze the recent papers in the journals of his field to see if they currently publish work of the kind he is to submit.

Module 5 Academic Communication

Session 1 Introduction to Academic Communication随堂测验

1、What does an academic communication include?

2、How to format a paper is not a basic communication skill for communication.

3、If you have submitted a paper, you will be surely invited to make a presentation in a symposium.

4、ESP communication is different from daily communication in many ways.

Session 2 Paper Presentation随堂测验

1、What is the common structure of a paper presentation?

2、When giving a presentation, give as much information as you can.

3、When doing a presentation, repetition of the findings is acceptable.

4、You should have a serious opening when doing an academic presentation.

5、Set aside 3-5mins for answering questions in a 25mins presentation.

Session 3 Project Presentation随堂测验

1、What are the tips for you to deliver your presentation effectively?
    A、create note cards
    B、use proper graphs
    C、a clear PowerPoint
    D、some free gifts

2、Methods are the most important part and it takes most of the presentation time.

3、When design your ppt slide, avoid including too many points.

4、You need to give a perfect finding if you want to have an effective presentation.

Session 4 Seminar随堂测验

1、Why is it important to create a research question?
    A、stay focused
    B、use it to open your presentation
    C、lead in for your thesis
    D、require in your presentation

2、How to make convincing argument?
    A、Define the terms of the discussion
    B、Develop your reasoning
    C、Support your idea with vivid examples and evidence
    D、identify other’s objections and motivations

3、Practice and preparation can minimize many of the anxieties when deliver a presentation.

4、Giving examples is a good way to support your idea.

Session 5 Poster Presentation随堂测验

1、What are the requirements for a good academic poster?
    A、Match the audience knowledge base and interests
    B、Include as much information as you can
    C、Convey your message visually
    D、Be clearly organized and readable

2、What are included in a good academic poster?
    B、Research questions
    C、Materials, approach and process

3、What should you to do when you do a poster presentation?
    A、Involve the audience.
    B、Speak clearly and slowly.
    C、Read the poster to the audience.
    D、Look around at your audience and make eye contact.

4、Academic posters include all the information of the research to help publicize it and generate discussion.

Session 6 Chairing a Conference随堂测验

1、The person who chairs a meeting works as an instructor.

2、It is the chairperson’s responsibility to announce the opening of the conference and give a welcome speech.

3、The chairperson should remind the speaker when they are running short of time.

4、The chairperson should not call on the participants to involve.

Session 7 Question and Answer Session随堂测验

1、The Q&A session provides an opportunity for fellow academics to critique your work and in return you are expected to show that you know what you are talking about.

2、To answer a question, you can repeat the precious remarks.

3、It is allowed to raise a different opinion in the Q&A session.

4、If someone asks you an inappropriate question, you must argue with him.

Session 8 Visual Aids in Presentations随堂测验

1、What of the followings are visual aids?
    D、Name tags

2、What should be consistent when you design a PowerPoint?
    A、Size of text
    B、Color of text
    C、Length of words
    D、Bullet points

3、What are usually written on the black or white board during an academic presentation?
    A、Every word said
    B、Each stage of an experiment or process
    C、Contact information
    D、Complex terminology

4、When will you use a handout when you deliver an academic presentation?
    A、Your information is too detailed to fit on a slide.
    B、You don’t want to talk too much.
    C、You want your audience to have a full record of your findings.
    D、You are not sure of your information.

Module 6 Academic Vocabulary

Session 1 Introduction to Academic Vocabulary随堂测验

1、How do EAP scholars and practitioners usually define the term of “academic language”?
    A、The language of institution
    B、The language of school
    C、The language at work
    D、The informal speech

2、The word “basic” has multiple senses. Which of the following option has a different meaning from others?
    A、Basic information
    B、The basic principles
    C、Basic foods
    D、Basic dyes

    A、everyday English
    C、academic English

4、AWL缩写词的全称是________.? A. American English word list B. Academic word list C. Academic writing learners D. American English writing lessons
    A、American English word list
    B、Academic word list
    C、Academic writing learners
    D、American English writing lessons

Session 2 Prefixes in Academic Vocabulary随堂测验



Session 3 Suffixes in Academic Vocabulary随堂测验

1、What is the definition of suffix?
    A、It means the affix, which is added to the end of a word, and which usually changes the part of speech of a word.
    B、It means the affix, which is added to the beginning of a word, and which usually changes a word into another word.
    C、It means the affix which only changes the meaning of the words.
    D、It means the affix which only changes the form of the words.

2、What is the meaning of erosion?

Session 4 Other Types of Words in Academic Vocabulary随堂测验

1、Compound adverbs is not the category of words compounded by hyphens.


Session 6 学术英语网络在线语料库COCA随堂测验

1、“COCA”语料库中的“Collocates”功能具体是指__________? (单选)

2、“COCA”语料库的全称是 __________?
    A、Corpus of American English.
    B、Corpus of Contemporary American English.
    C、Corpus of Academic English
    D、Corpus of Agricultural English

3、What are the three online corpuses mentioned in the video?
    A、RCPCE Profession-specific Corpora
    B、Corpus of Contemporary American English.
    C、Michigan Corpus of Upper-level Student Papers
    D、AntConc-a Corpus Analysis Toolkit

4、What are the four main functions of COCA?

Session 7 学术英语网络在线语料库MICUSP and RCPCE Corpora随堂测验

1、What does “discipline” refer to according to the video (2:06)?

2、Can we go on advanced searches by discipline and section in RCPCE?
    C、By discipline only
    D、By section only


4、In MICUSP, what textual features can be refined for your search?
    B、Literature review
    C、Methodology section



Session 8 AntConc---A Corpus Analysis Toolkit随堂测验





Module 7 Grammar in Science and Technology

Session 2 Nominalization随堂测验


2、句子: Most substances can expand rapidly. 变为:a rapid expansion of most substances , 前后发生的变化不包括:

3、句子:As a fire grows more intense, more smoke is injected. 变为:Fire intensity has a profound effect on smoke injection. 前后发生的变化不包括:
    D、增加了短语have a profound effect on sth.

4、句子:You can rectify this fault if you insert a slash. 经过名词化后的正确形式为
    A、Rectification of this fault is achieved by insertion of a slash.
    B、This fault can be rectified by inserting a slash.
    C、Inserting a slash can rectify this fault.
    D、You can rectify this fault by inserting a slash.

5、句子:If you fail to reconfirm, your reservations will be cancelled. 经过名词化后的正确形式为:
    A、Your reservations will be cancelled if failing to reconfirm.
    B、Failing to reconfirm will cancel your reservations.
    C、The cancellation of your reservations is because you fail to reconfirm.
    D、Failure to reconfirm will result in the cancellation of your reservations.

Session 3 Numerals随堂测验

1、The demand for this kind of equipment in the near future will be 20 times ___________.
    A、what it is
    B、the amount
    C、that of others
    D、which is in the past

2、Digital transmission does not need to have _________ S/N ratio (信噪比) as analog (模拟) transmission.
    A、as a high
    D、as high

3、By varying VBE only a few __________ of volt, the base current (基极电流) can be changed significantly.

4、The standard meter is accurate to about two parts ____________.
    B、in billion
    C、per a billion
    D、in one billion

5、This heater consumes _______________ that one does.
    A、electric power twice as great as
    B、greater twice electric power
    C、twice as great electric power as
    D、twice greater electric power

Session 4 Comparatives of Adjectives and Adverbs随堂测验

1、This project is ____________ than that one is.
    A、much valuable
    B、much more valuable
    C、far valuabler
    D、slightly valuable

2、The _________ the color, the ________ light is reflected and the more light is absorbed.
    A、darker; less
    B、darkest; more
    C、darker; more
    D、darkest; less

3、This machine does not work ____________ that one.
    A、as better as
    B、so best than
    C、so well as
    D、as better than

4、Brass expands _________ more than zinc when heated.

5、Inductance (电感) measurements are _________ accurate of the three types of impedance parameters (阻抗参数).
    B、the least

Session 5 Verb Tenses and Voices (1)随堂测验


    A、The research will help to understand deformation processes.
    B、The research can help to understand deformation processes.
    C、The research may help to understand deformation processes.
    D、The research should help to understand deformation processes.

    A、Wood (1971) surveyed the soil fauna in a number of Australian arid and semi-arid ecosystems.
    B、In most deserts of the world, transitions between topographic elements are abrupt. (Simith,1968)
    C、Different investigations have used a variety of variables such as authoritarian-democratic (Lewin, Lippett & White, 1939)
    D、A number of studies were conducted using both male and female college students as subjects.

4、Abramson (1974) reported that mobile students had lower academic performance. 该句在介绍Abramson的研究发现时,选用过去时的原因是什么?

5、①The purpose of this study was to determine whether or not genetic differences in germination exist at low temperatures in pepper species. ②The objective of this report is to determine whether or not genetic differences in germination exist at low temperatures in pepper species. 关于两个句子的比较,以下哪种说法是错误的

Session 6 Verb Tenses and Voices (2)随堂测验

    D、介绍研究方法时, 被动语态可省略施事者,使论述更加客观。

2、For the testing program this collector was protected from weather by an outer window of 10 mm tedlar. 该句在介绍某研究所用的工具时,选用一般过去时的原因是:

    A、The findings for the whole sample are summed in Table 1.
    B、The coefficient of correlation is found to be significant at the .001 level.
    C、This is consistent with earlier findings.
    D、These results indicate that nightmares serve as the last socially acceptable outlet for all the fears and superstitions.

    A、A total of 53 samples were examined.
    B、Direct microscopic examination of the samples showed 20 different fungal strains (Table 1).
    C、Table 2 shows the results of the psychological tests allied to isolates.
    D、These findings show that fungi can tolerate adverse environmental changes in the vegetative form.


Session 7 Complex Sentences随堂测验

1、________ this logic (逻辑电路) seems correct, it will not work.

2、This is equivalent to the statement ________ there is no gravity in space.

3、We must check each solution in the original equation to see ________ it is valid.

4、The total energy in a standing energy (驻波) is equal to the sum of the two travelling waves (行波) _______ which it consists.

5、A right triangle is a triangle two of _________ sides are perpendicular (垂直的).

Module 8 Translation in Science and Technology

Session 1 Introduction to Translation in Science and Technology随堂测验

1、The next medical revolution will change that, because genetic engineering has the potential to conquer cancer, grow new blood vessels in the heart, block the growth of blood vessels in tumors, create new organs from stem cells and perhaps even reset the primeval genetic coding that causes cells to age. According to the lexical features of EST, which is originally common word but used as technical word here and pay attention to its meaning.
    A、genetic engineering, blood vessels, organ
    B、stem cells, genetic coding
    C、reset, heart, tumors

2、Since the molecules of a gas are much too far from each other to repel or attract each other it is very easy to compass a gas, while a solid or liquid is almost incompressible, because the repulsions of the electrical charges of which its atoms are made up are far stronger than any force we can apply. 译文:由于气体分子相隔太远,不能互相排斥或吸引,所以气体很容易压缩;而固体或液体几乎是不可压缩的,因为其原子的电荷斥力比我们所能施加的任何力都要强得多。 Based on the understanding of the above paragraph, there are four choices marked by A, B, C, D, and decide on the only one incorrect answer.
    A、该句是一个复合句,其主句是it is very easy to compass a gas, while a solid or liquid is almost incompressible。
    B、Because引导的原因状语从句中包含了一个定语从句,先行词是the electrical charges。

3、Natural rubber is obtained from rubber trees as a white, milky liquid known as latex. This is treated with acid an dried, before being dispatched to countries all over the world. Please choose the best Chinese translation for the above English text, and pay attention to the features of English for Science and Technology.

4、These machines should be handled with great care. Safely precautions should be observed at all times. The results of the experiment should be plotted on a graph. Choose the best translation for the original text.

5、⑴ All substances will permit the passage of some electric current, provided the potential difference in high enough. ⑵ Television is the transmission and reception of images of moving objects by radio waves. ⑶ The rusting of metals is accompanied by increase in weight and by absorption of material from air. ⑷ Its transmission over a long distance causes some loss of energy. From the above sentences, which features of EST text can you know in the following answers?
    A、Extensive use of passive voice
    B、Tendency towards nominalization
    C、Post-position of Attributives
    D、Use of the simple past and present tense

Session 2 Translation Skills of Terminologies随堂测验

1、Positive and negative pressure relief valves protect the fuselage against excessive pressure differential.
    B、正压释放活门和负压释放活门保护机体, 防止压差过大。

2、The loads a structure is subjected to are divided into dead loads, which include the weights of all the parts of the structure,and live loads, which are due to the weights of people, movable equipment, etc.

3、Tire pressure influences many important characteristics of the vehicle performance,such as: driving comfort, directional stability, cornering and braking grip, plus the general handling behavior.
    A、轮胎气压影响车辆性能的众多方面,比如: 驾驶舒适性、方向稳定性、转向和刹车抓地力, 加上总体操控表现。
    B、轮胎压力影响车辆性能的许多重要的特征,如: 驾驶舒适、定向稳定、转弯和刹车控制,再加上一般的处理行为。
    D、轮胎压力影响车辆性能的许多重要的特征,如: 驾驶舒适性、定向稳定性、转弯和刹车控制力,再加上总体操控表现。

4、Although in many ecosystems fires were natural events, the use of fire by humans to capture game and to clear land for gardens could destroy climax communities and return them to earlier successional stages more frequently than normal.
    A、尽管许多生态系统的破坏是由自然火灾引起的,但人类用火捕猎、开荒则会毁灭顶级生物群落,使他们比在正常情况下更频繁地退回到 更低级的进化阶段。
    D、尽管许多生态系统的破坏是由自然火灾引起的,但人类用火捕猎、开荒则会毁灭顶级社区,使其比正常情况更频繁地退回到 更低级的进化阶段。

5、Excessive fuel imbalance adversely affects CG, aerodynamic drag,and therefore, fuel economy.
    B、过多的燃油不平衡对重心、气动阻力造成不利影响, 因此, 燃油经济。

Session 3 Translation Skills of Nominal Phrases随堂测验

1、Memory mapping was incorporated which allowed dividing of memory into pages and segments.

2、Seismic measurements of travel time and amplitude define the subsurface geometry and give estimates of the acoustic impedances related to rock velocities and densities.

3、These are not removed as metals from the crude and normally they are only a nuisance if they affected further processing of the oil or if they are a deterrent to the saleability of the fuel product. For example, the metals cause severe deterioration in catalyst life of most catalytic processes.
    B、这些不是作为原油中的金属去除的,并且如果它们影响油的进一步加工或者它们是对燃料产品的可销售性的威慑,它们通常只是麻烦。 例如,金属导致大多数催化过程的催化剂寿命严重恶化。

4、A fraction with an upper cut point of 100°F produces a yield of 20% volume of the whole crude as that fraction.

5、As described earlier the composition of crude oil and its fractions are not expressed in terms of pure components, but as ‘cuts’ expressed between a range of boiling points. These ‘cuts’ are further defined by splitting them into smaller sections and treating those sections as though they were pure components.

Session 4 Translation Skills of Passive Voice随堂测验

1、The field coils are connected in series or parallel with the armature winding.

2、Stainless steel is virtually prohibited (by the ASME Boiler Code) for use in wetted parts of modern boilers, but is used often in superheater sections that will not be exposed to liquid boiler water.

3、The magnetic field of the dynamo or alternator can be provided by either electromagnets or permanent magnets mounted on either the rotor or the stator.

4、Smaller generators are sometimes self-excited, which means the field coils are powered by the current produced by the generator itself.

5、The pressure vessel in a boiler is usually made of steel (or alloy steel).

Session 5 Translation Skills of Adjective Clauses随堂测验

1、Rocket research has confirmed a strange fact which had already been suspected there is a “high temperature belt” in the atmosphere, with its center roughly thirty miles above the ground.

2、There are a number of factors that can affect the magnitude of resistance.

3、Aluminum, which possesses high conductivity of heat and electricity, finds wide application in industry.

4、The feed water should be pure, and free from dissolved salts which will cause deposits on the tubes and lead to overheating.

5、Lab-technicians perform tests on the samples that may indicate the nature of the complaint that the doctor can perceive just by scrutinizing the results of the tests.

Session 6 Translation Skills of Adverbial Clauses随堂测验

1、It is very interesting to note the differently chosen operating mechanism by the different manufacturers, in spite of fact that the operating mechanism has a major influence on the reliability of the circuit-breakers.
    D、它是非常有趣的注意到不同的制造商选择不同的操作机制, 尽管事实上, 运行机制有一个重大影响的可靠性断路器。

2、For most technologies, patents are not filed in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs), because the small potential markets do not justify the cost of obtaining patents there.

3、Once the fixation appears, the animal is incapable of learning an adaptive response in this situation.

4、Even if the calculation is right, scientist can never be sure that they have included all variables and modeled them accurately.

5、Now, a team of astronomers has discovered evidence that the object, whatever it may be, is spewing vast quantities of energetic particles that collide with a surrounding irregular ring of cold hydrogen gas.

Session 7 Computer-assisted Translation in Science and Technology随堂测验

1、What does CAT stand for?
    A、Computerized Assistance for Translation
    B、Computer-Assisted Transaction
    C、Computer-Aided Translation
    D、Computer Automatic Translation

2、Which of the following elements does the Navigation pane on the Welcome screen of SDL Trados Studio not contain?
    A、Navigation buttons
    B、A link to the OpenExchange App Store.
    C、Links to external applications such as Passolo, WinAlign, etc.
    D、Links to OpenExchange apps.

3、Which of the following icons is not shown on the SDL Trados Studio Welcome screen?
    A、New Project
    B、Open Package
    C、Language Cloud
    D、Create Termbase

4、如果你要修改SDL Trados 2015用户界面语言,可以通过…途径进行调整。

5、During initial startup of SDL Trados Studio you can…
    A、select your preferred user profile and user interface language.
    B、select your preferred user interface language.
    C、select a user profile and choose to load a sample project.
    D、select vour preferred user profile and color scheme

Session 8 SDL Trados Studio随堂测验

1、What is the file extension used for translation memories in SDL Trados Studio?

2、The Active Terminology Recognition function...
    A、automatically searches the selected termbase(s) and AutoSuggest Dictionaries for terminology relevant to a particular segment.
    B、searches the selected translation memory for terminology relevant to a particular segment.
    C、automatically searches the current source segment for known terminology stored in a termbase.
    D、allows you to add terms from the Editor into a particular termbase.

3、What kind of information does the third (middle) column of the side-by-side editor in SDL Trados Studio show?
    A、The document structure information.
    B、The segment id.
    C、The source segment.
    D、The segment status.

4、What is the name of the window that shows known terminology found in a source segment?
    A、Term Recognition
    B、Termbase Search

5、How do you generate a translation in its native format from an SDL XLIFF file?
    A、Through File -> Print Preview
    B、Through File -> Save
    C、Through File -> Save Target As
    D、Through File -> Save Source As

6、What is the status of a segment after you have copied the source segment into the target?
    C、Not Translated