Unit 1 Medical System

Test for Unit 1 Medical System

1、I’ve gone worried that the practice of medicine has _________ out of balance.

2、We are perpetuating serious economic and racial disparities and have built a health care system that rates in the bottom ___________ among all developed countries.

3、Recent advances in scientific knowledge and technology have resulted in the development of a vast _________ of new tests, new pharmacologic agents, and new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

4、The structure of Text A, Unit 1 follows the pattern of ____________.
    A、case and effect
    B、comparison and contrast
    C、expository writing
    D、classification and definition

5、The sentence “They are accessible to us” means ________. A. We need them. B. We can get them. C. “They” are very cheap. D. “They” are common.
    A、We need them.
    B、We can get them.
    C、“They” are very cheap.
    D、“They” are common.

6、The correct missing words in the following sentence should be _______ “We order tests and treatments because they are available to us, well before their importance has been _________, their safety has been _________, and their cost-benefit ratio has been __________.” A. determined --- established --- calculated B. established --- calculated --- determined C. established --- determined --- calculated D. determined -- calculated --- determined
    A、determined --- established --- calculated
    B、established --- calculated --- determined
    C、established --- determined --- calculated
    D、determined -- calculated --- determined

7、Every participant in our health care system must focus on ways to ________ health.

8、There are many possible causes, and we have a huge ________ of available tests that might give us potentially relevant information.

9、Text A of Unit 1 discusses about the issue of ________. A. medical practice B. medical treatments C. high cost medicine D. high-tech medicine
    A、medical practice
    B、medical treatments
    C、high cost medicine
    D、high-tech medicine

10、The phrase “at large” in Para.5 means ___________. A. very large B. mainly C. in freedom D. in general
    A、very large
    C、in freedom
    D、in general