What is organizational behavior

Quiz - Week 1

1、________ is the study of the impact that individuals, groups, and structure have on behavior within organizations.
    B、Organizational strategy
    C、Organizational behavior
    D、Employee relations

2、Which of the following is not a reason why business schools have begun to include classes on organizational behavior?
    A、to increase manager effectiveness in organizations
    B、to help organizations attract top quality employees
    C、to expand organizations' consulting needs
    D、to improve retention of quality workers

3、Which behavioral science discipline is most focused on understanding individual behavior?
    C、social psychology
    D、organizational behavior

4、Which of the following is not a topic or concern related to OB?
    A、family behavior
    B、leader behavior

5、Managerial functions proposed by Fayol include

6、Effective mangers spend over two thirds of them time on
    B、human resource managment
    D、traditional management

7、An organization is a social unit that is stable for the given period of time.

8、A spokesperson of an organization plays an interpersonal role.


Quiz - Week 2

1、________ is a measure of how organizations are becoming more heterogeneous in terms of gender, race, and ethnicity.
    B、Workforce diversity
    C、Affirmative action
    D、Organizational culture

2、Whereas ________ focuses on differences among people from different countries, ________ addresses differences among people within given countries.
    A、workforce diversity; globalization
    B、globalization; workforce diversity
    C、culture; diversity
    D、culturalization; workforce diversity

3、Workforce diversity means that organizations are becoming more heterogeneous in terms of all of the following except ________.
    D、socio-economic status

4、Which of the following is a terminal value according to the Rokeach value survey?
    B、personal discipline
    C、social recognition

5、Which of the following statements is true about work force diversity?
    A、Workforce diversity focuses on differences within a country.
    B、Managing workforce diversity presents many challenges.
    C、Workforce diversity is a concern only in the U.S.
    D、Sexual orientation is a part of workforce diversity.

6、Which of the following is one of Hofstede's five dimensions of national culture?
    A、power distance
    B、flexibility versus rigidity
    C、individualism versus collectivism
    D、long-term versus short-term orientation

7、Aged employees have a high level of absenteeism than the young ones due to their health situations.

8、Spatial visualization is a type of physical ability.


Quiz - Week 3

1、An individual's personality:
    A、changes several times throughout the year.
    B、is formed only from childhood socialization and the environment.
    C、is less evident in situations where social norms, reward systems, and other conditions constrain behavior
    D、is more prominent when rewards for behavior are substantial

2、Individuals scoring _______ are highly sensitive to external cues and can behave differently in different situations.
    A、low on Machiavellianism
    B、high on narcissism
    C、high on conscientiousness
    D、high on self-monitoring

3、Sabrina likes to be the center of attention. She often looks at herself in the mirror, has extravagant dreams about her future, and considers herself a person of many talents. Sabrina is a:
    A、high self-monitor

4、You are seeking to fill the position of corporate accountant, and have administered Holland's Vocational Preference Inventory questionnaire to all candidates. The best candidates for the position would have which of the following personality types?

5、People who score high on ______ will achieve desirable performance in R&D teams.
    C、emotional stability
    D、Openness to experience

6、You are assembling a team to work on a long-term project which requires creativity, persistence, and formal thinking. The only piece of information available to you is the Myers-Briggs Type of each of the applicants. These results are shown below: Candidate Alan Brenda Cameron Drusilla Ellen Myers-Briggs Type INTJ ESTJ ENTP ESFP INFP You are looking for an organizer, a person who is realistic, logical, and analytical. Who would not be the best candidate based on their Myers-Briggs Type?

7、According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) classification, people belonging to the ISTJ type are visionaries. They usually have original minds and great drive for their own ideas and purposes. They are skeptical, critical, independent, determined, and often stubborn.

8、High Machs would perform well if the work has clear rules and regulations.


Quiz - Week 4

1、David is of the opinion that people who drive SUVs are dangerous drivers. He often thinks that people driving SUVs are driving rashly, even when other observers can see nothing wrong with the behavior of the SUV drivers. What factor is affecting his perception in this case?
    A、his interests
    B、his expectations
    C、his personality
    D、his attitude

2、Which of the following statements is true regarding perception?
    A、Our perception of reality is independent of our personality.
    B、The context of the situation in which the perception is made has little effect on our perception of reality.
    C、Our perception of reality is independent of our past experiences.
    D、Our perception of reality can be different from the objective reality.

3、Randy always turns in reports with punctuation errors. The reports of the three other employees on the QA report writing team always produce grammatically clean reports. Randy is about to turn in another report, and his manager has already noticed errors. Randy demonstrates ________. His sloppy reports can be attributed to a ________ cause.
    A、low distinctiveness, low consensus, and high consistency; internal
    B、high distinctiveness, low consensus, and high consistency; external
    C、low distinctiveness, high consensus, and high consistency; internal
    D、low distinctiveness, low consensus, and high consistency; external

4、Your boss never gives you the benefit of doubt. When you arrived late from lunch, he assumed that you had simply taken too much time. He never considered that the elevators were not working that day and the fact that you had to walk up 10 flights of stairs. Your boss is guilty of ________.
    A、a self-serving bias
    B、selective perception
    C、the fundamental attribution error

5、Two people see the same thing at the same time yet interpret it differently. In this situation, factors that do not operate to shape their dissimilar perceptions reside in the ________.

6、Samantha's rating in a job interview is high in contrast to the candidate who was interviewed directly before her, who was rated extremely low. In this case, Samantha's high rating cannot be partially attributed to the ________.
    A、halo effect
    B、contrast effect
    C、fundamental attribution error
    D、self-serving bias

7、When we draw a general impression about an individual on the basis of a single characteristic, such as intelligence, sociability, or appearance we are using a shortcut called the contrast effect.

8、When we make judgments about the behavior of other people, we tend to overestimate the influence of external factors and underestimate the influence of internal or personal factors.

Attitudes and Job Satisfaction

Quiz - Week 5

1、Which of the following answer choices is the bestdefinition of attitude?
    A、Attitudes indicate how one will react to a given event.
    B、Attitudes are the yardstick by which one measures one’s actions.
    C、Attitudes are the emotional part of an evaluation of a person, object, or event.
    D、Attitudes are evaluative statements of what one believes about something or someone.

2、The emotional, or feeling component of a person's attitude is called ________.
    A、the cognitive component
    B、the affective component
    C、a complex attitude
    D、the behavior component

3、Job satisfaction is best described as
    A、a result
    B、a value
    C、an attitude
    D、causing high performance

4、Which dimension to organizational commitment is reflected in the perceived economic value of remaining with an organization compared to leaving it?
    A、continuance commitment
    B、affective commitment
    C、normative commitment
    D、incremental commitment

5、Employees' beliefs in the degree to which they influence their work environment, their competence, the meaningfulness of their job, and their perceived autonomy is NOT termed as ________.
    A、organizational commitment
    B、psychological empowerment
    C、perceived organizational suppor
    D、employee engagement

6、Henry is dissatisfied with his job but believes that his supervisor is a good man who will do the right thing. Henry has decided that if he just waits, conditions will improve. Henry's approach to this problem is NOT termed ________.

7、Research suggests that employees with strong perceived organizational support (POS) perceptions are more likely to have higher levels of organizational citizenship behaviors, lower levels of tardiness, and better customer service.

8、Actively and constructively attempting to improve conditions is part of the loyalty response to dissatisfaction.


Quiz Week 6

1、Which level of Maslow's hierarchy of needs deals with satisfying one's hunger, thirst, and other bodily needs?

2、Which of the following theories proposes that people prefer to feel they have control over their actions, so anything that makes a previously enjoyed task feel more like an obligation than a freely chosen activity will undermine motivation?
    A、theory of needs
    B、goal setting theory
    C、expectancy theory
    D、self-determination theory

3、According to the expectancy theory, the degree to which an individual believes that performing at a particular level will generate a desired outcome is indicated by the ________ relationship.
    C、reward-personal goal
    D、personal goal-self actualization

4、Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the two-factor theory?
    A、The hygiene factors tend to be intrinsic factors.
    B、Factors that lead to job satisfaction are extrinsic factors.
    C、Adequate hygiene factors ensure that people are not dissatisfied.
    D、Recognition is a hygiene factor.

5、Which of the following are elements of effective goals according to goal-setting theory?

6、McClelland's theory of needs proposes that the factors that lead to job satisfaction are separate and distinct from those that lead to job dissatisfaction.

7、In equity theory, individuals assess the cost-benefit ratio.

8、Two-factor theory is also called _______.


Quiz Week 8

1、John Kotter's view argues that management focuses on coping with complexity, whereas leadership focuses on coping with ________.

2、According to research, which of the Big Five personality traits is the most important in effective leaders?

3、The behavioral dimensions identified by the University of Michigan's Survey Research Center are closely related to those identified in the Ohio State Study. Employee-oriented leadership is similar to ________, and production-oriented leadership is similar to ________.
    A、consideration; initiating structure
    B、task-orientation; relationship-orientation
    C、initiating structure; consideration
    D、authentic leadership; transformational leadership

4、If a survey respondent sees his or her least preferred co-worker in unfavorable terms, Fiedler would categorize the respondent as ________.
    C、low in initiating structure
    D、relationship oriented

5、The concept of authentic leadership focuses on ________.
    A、the situational component of leadership
    B、the unconventional behavior of the leader
    C、the readiness of followers
    D、the moral aspects of being a leader

6、Which of the following statements regarding leadership is NOT true?
    A、All leaders are managers.
    B、All managers are leaders.
    C、All leaders are hierarchically superior to followers.
    D、Nonsanctioned leadership is as important as formal influence.

7、Behavioral studies imply that people can be trained to be leaders.

8、According to situational leadership theory, M4 employees are both unable and unwilling to work.

9、Fiedler assumes an individual's leadership style can be changed with the appropriate training.

Final Exam

Final Exam

1、What refers to a positive feeling about a job, resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics?
    A、job satisfaction
    B、job involvement
    C、job stability
    D、organizational commitment

2、Mark believes that his manager is a good person and will work things out if Mark just gives him time to do so. Mark is dealing with his dissatisfaction through ________.

3、According to research, which of the following factors is most likely to influence personality than others?

4、When individuals observe another person's behavior, they attempt to determine whether it is internally or externally caused. Which of the following attempts to explain this phenomenon?
    A、two-factor theory
    B、attribution theory
    C、Pygmalion effect
    D、emotional dissonance

5、You are more likely to notice cars like your own due to ________.
    B、self-serving bias
    D、selective perception

6、According to the Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which of the following is a lower order need?

7、The ________ theory is also called motivation-hygiene theory.
    C、cognitive evaluation
    D、hierarchy of needs

8、The Pygmalion effect is also called the ________ effect.

9、In equity theory, individuals assess the ________.
    A、outcome-input ratio
    B、efficiency-effectiveness trade-off
    C、quantity-quality trade-off
    D、cost-benefit ratio

10、Which of the following terms best describes the acceptable standards of behavior that are shared by a group's members?

11、Compared to people who have a negative core self-evaluation, people who have a positive core self-evaluation ________.
    A、are more satisfied with their jobs
    B、see their work as more challenging
    C、see their work as more fulfilling
    D、are likely to give up when confronting difficulties

12、Which of the following are of the five factors included in the Big Five model?

13、According to the attribution theory, if a behavior scores _______, we tend to attribute it to internal causes.
    A、low on consistency
    B、high on adaptability
    C、low on distinctiveness
    D、low on consensus

14、Which of the combinations are not focused by McClelland's theory of needs?
    A、achievement, growth, and security
    B、achievement, power, and affiliation
    C、self-actualization, stability, and affiliation
    D、control, status, and affiliation

15、Which of the following groups is most unlikely to be determined by the organizational chart?

16、High self-monitors tend to pay less attention to the behavior of other people than do low self-monitors.

17、High Mach perform better when they interact face to face with others rather than indirectly.

18、Our perception of reality can be substantially different from objective reality.

19、The halo effect occurs because it is impossible for us to assimilate everything we see.

20、According to the two-factor theory, adequate hygiene factors provide job satisfaction.

21、Specific goals produce a higher level of output than does the generalized goal of "do your best."

22、Workers around the world prefer rewards based on seniority over rewards based on performance and skills.

23、High-status members interrupt others more often than low-status members.

24、Group decisions are generally less accurate than the judgments of the most accurate individual in the group.

25、The best leader always has behavior consistency in all kinds of situations.